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On the 3rd of May 2017 we travelled for good to Ghana. We vacated our flat, sold the Renault Scenic, cancelled all contracts, abonnements and shipped our last belongings to Accra. It was about time! Funds neared the zero mark and bills where still pouring in like always. with a quater of my former income this was getting out of control. Lucky, we just made it in time! Free at last and as a Swiss refugee in Africa we are feeling just fine. Hope you can visit you soon :-)

Mirela & Kurt's wedding                         29.04.2017

The Official Part

Kurt & Mirela's official wedding 29th April 2017    SlideShow 1

The Party

Kurt & Mirela's wedding party 30th April 2017     SlideShow 2

Treberwurst mit den Biremöstler

Kurt rief uns nach Twann zum Treberwurstessen. Schon auf der Hinfahrt wurde ich am Bielersee geblitzt, Kosten CHF 140.--. Auf dem Rückweg in Biel nochmals, diesmal schlug es mit CHF 240.-- zu Buche! Ansonsten war das Treffen ein Hit und es ist immer sehr schön die alten Freunde zu treffen obwohl ich immer ein schlechtes Gewissen bekomme wenn ich hören muss wie jeder sich noch sportlich betätigt und noch sehr fit zu sein scheint!

JA, ich bekenne mich zu meiner Faulheit, aus irgendeinem Grunde wurden ja motorisierte Gefährte erfunden! Es ist auch eine Tatsache das ich trotz fragwürdigem Lebenswandel und schlechten Angewohnheiten immer noch da bin. Genug davon! Danke an alle für einen gelungenen Anlass!
P.S. Wegen eines Kameradefektes sind die Bilder die ich machte Ausschuss. Kann jemand helfen?

Accra / Ghana Times:   03.05. - 18.11.2017

We will have no longer a residence in Switzerland but will come to visit, once or twice a year, our family and friends. Home will be Accra and you are welcome to visit us!

OUR NEW HOME                             Impressions 2016/17

Our location on GOOGLE EARTH

Many parts of Accra do not have street names, forget about street numbers. Therefore a Navi will not be practical, a guide knowing the location is an advantage! The same goes for our place, no street name!

The Home

We built ther house 15 years ago and we started restauration in 2013 in order to have a place to stay after my retirement. I always enjoyed my life and work was a means to get money to play with. This worked mostly fine and I learned to be perfectly relaxed when the saldo on my Konto was nearing zero or even into the dark red! In bad times this attitude could lead to mild stress, mostly damped with a lot of beer.

Nearing 65, I realized that after my retirement no income, other than the meager AHV (huge gaps) and the small amount out of the RIETER Pension Scheme, would be available. This was by far not enough to make a living in Switzerland. So we became economical emigrants in Africa and I hope it works out! I worked mainly in Nigeria (for 30 years)in my own Company. From 2001 to 2015 in South East Asia, Japan, India, China, Russia, Turkey,... for RIETER and JOSSI. I retired at the age of 73. We started to remevate the old bungalow in Accra and furnished it with all essential amenities. Generator & UPS , fully airconditioned, a comfortable car and a lot of chilled beer! This and our regular holidays depleted my bank account but I'm used to that and comfortable with it. The Temperature is never below 24°C and seldom over 35°C. We living in the Accra West Hills, this means a constant brise and less humidity. We plan a holiday in Europe ore elsewhere once a year, funds permitting. So far so good! In my expirience however, nothing is permanent and most plans ....!