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KARL  "Cuckoo"  SAUTER
24.02.2018    10:16:52

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Ghana Times     01.03.2018 - 19.10.2018
Swiss Times:    20.10.2018 - 26.12.2018

On the 3rd of May 2017 we dislocated to Ghana (Accra) in order to escape the financial squeeze. We started modernizing our old bungalow in Accra in 2012 and vacated our flat in CH (2016), sold our car, cancelled all contracts (incl. KK) and shipped our last belongings to Accra (Ghana). It was about time! Funds approached the Zero mark and bills where still pouring in. The good thing, the house in Accra, car, furnitures, etc. were all paid for; Zero Debts! Anyway, with only a quarter of my former income the situation was threatening to get fast out of hand. Fortunately, with all stops on (finacially), we made the transition "Just In Time"!"
Free at Last and as "Swiss Refugees" in West Africa we do just fine! But as always, beware:  "No Situation is Permanent!"

Before our departure to Switzerland

Our stay in Switzerland
19.01. - 01.03.2018

Slideshow:    Ayla's first 2 months

This trip was scheduled for October 2017 but since we wanted to see Mirela & Poppi's baby due end of January 2018 we shifted our trip. The Baby-Girl, Ayla, was born on 31st of December 2017, 3 weeks before our visit. We styed at Oliver & Laurena's place and both of our Camping beds collapsed before our departure. We also just happened to be in Europe during the coldest period since decades and we could not do much. We traveled to London (10.-16.02.18) and visited Love & Megadeath but the temperatire and chilling wind was not better!